If you are not installing ESSArch on a dedicated machine it is recommended that you first create a virtual python environment.

Install ESSArch

To install ESSArch and its dependencies, run

$ pip install essarch

Once installed, you can run the essarch command to verify that it has installed correctly.

$ essarch

Configuring ESSArch

ESSArch has a default configuration built-in which can be overridden in your own local settings file.

Generate the local settings file using the following command and follow the prompts:

$ essarch settings generate

When the configuration is complete you need to setup the database tables and load initial data:

$ essarch install

Starting the built-in webserver

The built-in webserver can be used to quickly ensure that everything is working as expected

$ essarch devserver

The web service should now be accessible in your web browser at http://localhost:8000


The built-in webserver is not recommended for production usage, instead a dedicated web server such as Nginx or Apache should be setup.