The main function of the appraisal page is creating appraisal rules that run jubs automatically or manually on selected content in the archive.

Create appraisal rule

To create a new appraisal rule click Create aprpaisal rule list.

Enter a name for the new appraisal rule, when it should be run and selected target files.

Frequency decides how often a rule should be executed and is specified with cron syntax. For example: 0 15 * * 3 means every wednesday at 15 o’ clock.

To add a Path type for example /*.docx in the **Path field and click the + button. If the whole AIP should be affected by the appraisal leave this field empty.

Connect rule to AIP

Enter the Access/Storage units page, mark one or more AIP(s), right click one of them and select Appraisal and a list of the selected AIPs appears. Every row can be expanded to see connected appraisal rules for the specific AIP. We also get a button for adding new rules to AIPs.

Appraisal job lists

Under the list of appraisal rules there are three more list views containing appraisal jobs filtered by states Ongoing, Next and Finished. The Ongoing list shows jobs that are currently running, the Next list shows jobs that will be run automatically in execution order and the Finished list shows jobs that are finished.

In the Next list the appraisal job can be previewed by clicking the Preview button.

When a rule is connected to at least on AIP, jobs will be created and visible in the next list. The job will be executed at the given start time, except if the user wants to start the job before the given time. A job in the Next list can be started manually by clicking Preview and then Run. The job will then be moved to the Ongoing list and finally to the Finished list.

In the Finished a user can see the appraisal report for the finished job by clicking report.