Source code for ESSArch_Core.fixity.validation.backends.checksum

import logging
import traceback

from django.utils import timezone

from ESSArch_Core.essxml.util import find_file
from ESSArch_Core.exceptions import ValidationError
from ESSArch_Core.fixity.checksum import calculate_checksum
from ESSArch_Core.fixity.models import Validation
from ESSArch_Core.fixity.validation.backends.base import BaseValidator

logger = logging.getLogger('essarch.fixity.validation.checksum')

[docs]class ChecksumValidator(BaseValidator): """ Validates the checksum of a file against the given ``context``. * ``context`` specifies how the input is given and must be one of ``checksum_file``, ``checksum_str`` and ``xml_file`` * ``options`` * ``algorithm`` must be one of ``md5``, ``sha-1``, ``sha-224``, ``sha-256``, ``sha-384`` and ``sha-512``. Defaults to ``md5`` * ``block_size``: Defaults to 65536 """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) if not self.context: raise ValueError('Need something to compare to') self.algorithm = self.options.get('algorithm', 'md5') self.block_size = self.options.get('block_size', 65536) def validate(self, filepath, expected=None): logger.debug('Validating checksum of %s' % filepath) val_obj = Validation.objects.create( filename=filepath,, validator=self.__class__.__name__, required=self.required, task=self.task, information_package=self.ip, responsible=self.responsible, specification={ 'context': self.context, 'options': self.options, } ) expected = self.options['expected'].format(** if self.context == 'checksum_str': checksum = expected.lower() elif self.context == 'checksum_file': with open(expected, 'r') as checksum_file: checksum = elif self.context == 'xml_file': xml_el, _ = find_file(filepath, xmlfile=expected) checksum = xml_el.checksum passed = False try: actual_checksum = calculate_checksum(filepath, algorithm=self.algorithm, block_size=self.block_size) if actual_checksum != checksum: raise ValidationError("checksum for %s is not valid (%s != %s)" % ( filepath, checksum, actual_checksum )) passed = True except Exception: val_obj.message = traceback.format_exc() raise else: message = 'Successfully validated checksum of %s' % filepath val_obj.message = message finally: val_obj.time_done = val_obj.passed = passed['time_done', 'passed', 'message'])